The Tradition of Wearing Jewelries in Hindu Culture

The Tradition of Wearing Jewelries in Hindu Culture

Feb 20 , 2023


Hardik Goyal

Jewellery plays an important role in Indian culture and religion. In Hinduism, jewellery is believed to have spiritual and symbolic significance, with many types of jewellery having specific meanings and associations with certain deities or rituals.

Wedding jewellery can have religious significance and be used to symbolise faith and devotion. For example, in some cultures, wedding rings are exchanged as a symbol of commitment and unity, while in others, special religious pendants or necklaces may be worn as a blessing or to show adherence to particular faith traditions. The specific type of religious jewellery used in a wedding will depend on the couple's cultural and religious background.

Compared to Western weddings, Indian traditional weddings are often colourful and lavish. The bride wears several ornaments with significant presentations. The bride wears these jewelleries from head to foot. Indian traditional weddings are known for their colorful and lavish nature, and the bride typically wears multiple pieces of jewelry that symbolize various things, from protection and prosperity to mental and physical health. Religious jewelry also plays an important role in Indian culture, and each religion has its own specific designs for identifying and wearing such jewelry. Additionally, some religious jewelry, like the Tilak, can be worn as amulets and talismans for protection and a deeper sense of belongingness to one's faith.

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While jewelry has remained an important part of culture and religion over the years, the materials and designs used have changed. In particular, there has been a transition from wooden to metal designs, with jewelry makers incorporating precious metals like gold and silver to create more durable pieces. In addition, new stones like amethyst and garnet are now used in jewelry, even if they were not commonly used in traditional designs. These changes have allowed for more customization and creativity in jewelry making. While jewelry has undergone some changes over the years, including the transition from wooden to metal designs and the use of new stones, its importance in culture and religion has remained constant. Furthermore, jewelry is no longer limited to traditional or religious use, but is also used to enhance a person's beauty and match different occasions and outfits. Despite these changes, the value of jewelry remains the same.

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